what do you want to know?

What is an Escape Room?
What do you do there?

An escape room has a specific theme, with one or more rooms, which are discovered as the game progresses, and in which there are all kinds of puzzles, games of ingenuity, mechanisms and clues to discover and solve the way out of the room, before the maximum time set to end the game is over. So, this is a fun way to have fun and play, solve all the challenges you will encounter, and get out of the room before your time runs out.


Is it scary?

While there are currently many types of escape rooms with multiple settings, some of which are terrifying, we have to tell you that 1801 is not a game of fear, the story is getting out…


Can people with claustrophobia participate? What happens if I want to go get out?

Each person must decide whether or not to enter and play. Anyone can exit the game in a calmly manner, and at any time, as the group is supervised at all times. One can just ask to be let out, or press the button that is enabled for this purpose, which will be pointed out when entering the room.


What happens if we don’t move forward?

The person in charge of supervising the game will assess whether you need to receive clues to move forward or still have room to try without support. In case of need, you will be provided with clues so that you can continue playing and enjoying the game.


Is the level very difficult?

1801 is a very elaborate game, which aims to put you to the test. However, the difficulty is related to your intuition, ingenuity and lucidity, as well as your previous experience playing in escape rooms. Needless to say, if you’ve never played a game like this before, you can certainly play it.


How long does the activity last?

The duration of our game is 75 minutes.


In what language can it be played?

The game can be followed in catalan, spanish and in english.


What is the minimum age to play?

1801 is not a room designed for children to play, but they can play from the age of 10, as long as they are accompanied by at least two adults. No accompaniment is required for 16 and over.


How many people can play at one time?

The maximum recommended number is 4, but 6 people can also play.


Can pregnant women play?

The game is not recommended for pregnant women, because some it requires physical agility and some effort. To avoid the risk of falls, we do not recommend playing if you are pregnant. However, if a woman in the state decides to gamble, this decision is entirely her responsibility and the property is not liable for any damages she may suffer.


I have not received the confirmation email, what do I do?

If you do not receive the booking confirmation email, you can write us at: info@1801escaperoom.com, telling us what happened and giving us a name, surname and contact telephone number, so we can call you as soon as possible, with the goal of resolving the issue. You can also contact us via Whatsapp at 619 96 62 14.


What to bring?

In order to play, you must bring a booking confirmation email. Printing it is not necessary; you can just digitally show it to the person who welcomes you to the room.


Can I change or cancel the reservation?

Reservations cannot be canceled but can be modified up to 72 hours in advance. To do so, you can contact us via our email info@1801escaperoom.com or via Whatsapp on mobile phone 619 96 62 14. In case of not being able to come, the money will not be refunded.


What if we arrive late?

For the game to work properly, please arrive 5 minutes before booking time. In case of a late arrival, the delay will be deducted from the playing time, without the right to any refund of the amount paid, as it will be your responsibility.


I have other questions that you have not resolved in this list.

Don’t worry, you can contact us by email at info@1801escaperoom.com, or by phone at 619 96 62 14 and we’ll be happy to help.


Are there any entry restrictions?

Yes, 1801 Escape Room has reserved the right of admission. Likewise, any group that does not respect the premises and / or the material inside the escape, the minimum rules of respect and education, or that shows obvious symptoms of being under the effects of drugs and / or alcohol, will be invited to leave without the possibility of recovering the money.

Where can we park?

In the attached map we suggest 3 large parking areas, where you can do it for free. There are also many streets where you can park for free. All 3 car parks are less than a 3-minute walk from the Escape Room.